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Here we want to give answer to the frenquently asked questions:


- Why should I use the Global supplier Database?

The global supplier Database will give both of us Behr Hella Service and you the possibility to exchange informations in an easier way, avoiding double work and giving the suppliers enclosed in the tool preference over other suppliers in the portfolio because at the end we have a closer collaboration


- What should I make to be a member of the Global supplier Database?

You need to have a business relationship with Behr Hella Service. If you have it just go to Contact section and ask for a User and Password. After that you will need to upload your catalogue informations in order to make easier the work for both companies.


- Is this tool secure?

We will ask you only for informations that you normally communicate into the market. Just catalogue informations or some logistics informations but this will be no sensible data.

In case that this will be modified in the future you will be informed. The decision to put this information will be agreed from both parts.